Ultimate Tips on How To Remove Makeup For a Fresh Healthy Skin

After a tiring day out and about, few people have the strength to remove makeup before hitting the sheets. However, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with stubborn makeup the morning after. In addition to irritating your skin and exposing yourself to skin infection, it usually leaves your skin washed out and susceptible to acne. For this reason, learning how to remove makeup is an essential skill anyone who wears makeup should learn.

Most Effective Makeup Removal Products You Need To Try

As most makeup is made to last for hours, removing them needs a bit of technique. For this reason, you need to invest in makeup removal products that can get stubborn makeup off your skin. Below are specific makeup removal products you should look into.

1. Fragrance-free makeup remover wipes

Having a full makeup removal tactic is ideal when removing makeup you have had for a while. However, it's not every day that you are motivated to clean your face. If you wish to get covered on those days, investing in a fragrance-free makeup remover always comes in handy. Geared for those days, you want convenience, to ensure you give your face a good wipe to remove all the makeup.

2. Cleansing oil

As makeup nowadays is created to last for hours, removing makeup with simple cotton pads soaked in water won't do the trick. Often, this leads to skin scrubbing and use other methods to try and get the makeup off. But, the best way on how to remove makeup is to invest in a cleansing oil product. The formula behind this allows the oil to soak and break down the makeup making it easier for you to wipe it off for a cleaner moisturized face.

3. Oil-free eye makeup remover

Though oil usually undercuts most makeup products' making it easier to take off, it usually leaves a sticky, heavy residue that you need to wash off afterward. Oil-Free formula is the best way to go if you simply don't want the hassle of cleaning twice. Filled with minerals that are good for eye care, oil-free eye makeup remover will remove all makeup with limited hassle giving your eyes the care they need.

Little Known Makeup Removal Tricks

With so many makeup products in the market today, there isn't one best way to remove makeup. However, regardless of the types of products you use, some basic foundations remain true and go a long way in helping you clean up better and have a radiating skin. Such makeup removal tactics include;

1. Soap and water works better than makeup wipes

Though some makeup wipes in the market are miracle workers, most makeup wipes retain a bad rep and for a good reason. Often, they give the illusion of having cleared everything off from the face leaving you with a clean, fresh face only for you to wake up with a raccoon face. Such happens because they tend to leave behind traces of makeup that can build over time, after cleaning most stubborn makeup with the wipes, use old fashioned soap and water to get everything.

2. Flat cotton pads are better than cotton balls

Not all cotton is equal. When it comes to removing makeup, ensure that you completely avoid using cotton balls if possible. Cotton balls are loose fiber, and they tend to leave behind the fibers all over. This traces, tend to irritate the skin while blocking your skin pores. However, cotton is still the best bet when it comes to cleaning your face, gravitate to using cotton pads as they tend to be smoother on your face skin and leave to fiber traces behind.

3. Always be gentle with your skin

The largest disadvantage that comes with embracing long-lasting makeup is that it is simply challenging when getting it off during cleaning. To get makeup off, many results to intense scrubbing with numerous pieces of cotton balls or fabric to achieve a clean face. Unfortunately, facial skin, especially around the eye area, isn't made to withstand a lot of pulling and scrubbing. To avoid irritating the skin, causing tears or premature aging always be gentle while removing makeup.

4. Give your eyes extra attention

Different shades of primer, mascara, eyeliner, fake lashes, glue, and so much more are applied to the eyes daily. For this reason, it's common sense to take extra time to ensure you remove them in a way they don't irritate the eyes. Additionally, since your eyes are sensitive, ensure you eliminate tagging and rubbing your eye makeup off. Lastly, invest in makeup removal products that are specifically geared for eye treatment to give them the proper TLC.

5. Get rid of any excess oil

Dust, grime, old makeup products are some of the everyday things that you have to contend with for fair skin. However, the stakes are higher against you when you use excessively oily products. As excessive oil tends to block your pores further making your skin more susceptible to getting an infection and acne, ensure that you clean your skin, keeping your pores clog-free.


With so many products to help you remove makeup, you no longer have any excuses to sleep with your makeup on. Remember, the best way on how to remove makeup is to evaluate your makeup and choose makeup removal products that work best for your skin. As your skin is sensitive, ensure you always choose a makeup removal product is one that requires minimal scrubbing hence keeping your skin healthy and less irritated.