Right Brush For Your Hair Type: How Do You Get One?

When it comes to hairbrushes, most people are guilty of giving it the least priority. Unfortunately, morning grooming horrors, painful irritated scalp, and split ends are some of the disadvantages of choosing the wrong brush. If you have ever considered what the right brush for my hair is, then you might be tired of dealing with grooming horrors. As expected, to effectively do this, every hair type requires different types of brush.

6 Hairbrush Type You Need To Check

Super straight, wavy, kinky hairs are some of the different hair types in the world. As they all have a different curl pattern, it goes without saying they require different hair brushes to get the proper care to make them flourish. Below are some of the different hair brushes you should consider.

1. For Fine Hair: Boar Bristles

Thin hair usually experiences the roughest treatment since most brushes are too harsh to them through pull and snag of hair follicles. To cater for this, the best type of brush for long hair brittle hair is the boar bristle. This brush is made to glide through your hair seamless; it offers you a pain-free scalp when grooming because it doesn't scrape at your scalp. Additionally, the bristles are engineered to distribute oils throughout your hair evenly, making sure it gets all the moisturizer it needs to flourish. Overall, it's considered the Holy Grail for persons with fine hair as it allows perfect seamless grooming without risking the loss of any additional hair.

2. For Curly Hair: Nylon Mixed With Boar Bristles

The one advantage that people with curly hair have over any other type of hair is that they can groom their hair both when wet and dry. As it has a unique curl pattern need, it needs to have a brush that can be used on delicate wet hair and maintain the curl on dry curly hair. The boar and Nylon mixed bristle brush allows easy grooming for all hair types as they create a balance between fine hair and tougher hair types. The cushion of this brush is easy to use as it adjusts to the shape of your head. As it distributes the oil evenly throughout the hair, it's a great brush to invest in to minimize frizz and get those curls popping.

3. For Short Hair: Vented Brushes

Have you heard someone with short hair complaining and saying getting the "right brush for my hair” is usually a challenge? Often, the challenge is attributed to many brushes in the market, having large barrels which do not take into consideration the length of the hair. For you to avoid the risk of having hair that is all over, investing in a vented brush is necessary. Such is because the brush takes care of the challenge experienced by allowing flat wrapping. The brush allows you to use it in various directions and you can apply it perpendicularly to your scalp to get individual hair follicles flat. As you can move it around to the specific curvature of your head, you can blow dry your hair without any burn risks to your scalp.

4. For Straight Hair: Round Boar-Bristle Brush

Even though almost any kind of brush will technically work for super straight hair, getting it to look just right needs the perfect brush. The round boar brush allows you a great ease of use as it has a large barrel for comfortable seamless multidirectional use. As its super soft and lays the hair down, it's the perfect brush to get every strand in place. For an added oomph factor this brush allows even distribution of oils hence giving your hair a natural glowing shine.

5. For Thick Hair: Nylon Bristle Brush

When many people think about thick hair images of unruly tangled hair fills their mind. As expected, getting a thick mane to cooperate can feel like an uphill task. When choosing the best hairbrush for thick hair, steer clear from soft hair brushes like a boar bristle. Instead, settle for a sturdy nylon bristle brush. A nylon brush helps to detangle all the matted hair getting all the kinks and knots out. Additionally, it helps smooths and shapes the hair as it has a flexible base. Lastly, to ensure that it works for you, choose a brush barrel that is suitable for the length of your hair. Doing so allows you to get through short, long, or medium length hair without any trouble.

6. For Wavy Hair: Medium-Barrel Boar-Bristle Brush

One unwritten styling rule known all over the world is that you should refrain from grooming wet hair. Ironically to get the best results on wavy hair, brushing your hair on damp hair is deemed necessary. A barrel boar bristle brush is required to minimize any damage that can occur. With bristles that are placed far apart, you can get all the kinks to put without pulling or snagging on the hair follicles. As a result, you minimize strain on the scalp. As it's easy to detangle, it allows the hair to settle on its natural curl pattern hence reducing any frizz that occurs when grooming dry hair.


When it comes to hairbrushes, resist the thinking that any type of brush can do. Take into consideration your hair pattern and the result you desire when choosing the right brush for my hair. Overall, as hair brushes are made to last a lifetime, resist the urge of going cheap. Remember a good hairbrush is the difference between dull, uneven hair and vibrant, healthy hair.