Major Traits of A Narcissist Sociopath

Well, it is possible to find a person with the traits of a sociopath and narcissist to a point of having trouble identifying their disorder. Narcissistic sociopaths are people who display sociopathic traits but still have narcissistic behaviors. You can easily identify the disorder by checking whether they have a conscience because a sociopath will have no conscience. You should also note that narcissist sociopaths are not necessarily sociopaths but all sociopaths are narcissists.

What are the differences between sociopaths, narcissists and narcissist sociopaths?

There is a close link between sociopaths, narcissists and narcissist sociopaths but still, the three are different in various aspects. To understand the difference between the three, you can have a look at the below definitions and information relating to each of them.

1. What is a sociopath?

A sociopath is a person with a personality disorder that makes him or her extremely antisocial. A sociopath has a weak conscience. Such a person feels that stealing is wrong but there is an irresistible force to do it. Lack of a strong conscience makes such a person lie, control and manipulate people the way he or she desires.

2. What is a narcissist?

A narcissist is a person with strong feelings of self-admiration, indifference, inability to take criticism and have a strong sense of entitlement. Some of the possible traits of a narcissist are shamelessness, entitlement, exploitive, envious and inconsideration.

3. What is a narcissist sociopath?

Narcissism and sociopath are closely linked which means that narcissist sociopath is a blend of narcissism and sociopath. If you meditate on what is a sociopath, then you can have a clear image of the meaning of a narcissist sociopath. Here are some of the traits portrayed by a narcissist sociopath.

  • Manipulative

Narcissistic sociopaths are manipulative and can do anything to influence others for their benefit. Narcissistic sociopaths are experts in looking for vulnerable people and those that trust others easily so that they can be able to find favor with them for their own good. Narcissist sociopaths can do anything to seduce and make people around them to like them for own benefits and or entertainment. Once they are able to find people who trust them, they become vulnerable, they make them their victims by using them. They lure such victims by making fake promises and requesting for assistance through faked emotions which results in many people falling into their trap and getting hurt at the end.

  • Lack of sympathy and empathy

Narcissistic sociopaths do not have empathy, sympathy, and understanding for others no matter how close they are to them. They are selfish and only care for themselves; they don't do anything to help others unless if they are to benefit in one way or the other. Narcissistic sociopaths are never able to show remorsefulness even to their close relatives and cannot understand suffering experienced by others. If you confront a narcissistic sociopath with the truth about their behavior they are likely to react by denying and asserting that they are innocent.

  • Strong desire for power

Narcissistic sociopaths constantly seek power and admiration, not caring for other people's feelings. Their strong desire for power and success makes them take advantage of others to get undue power over them, thereby hurting them along the way. Strong desire for power and admiration makes these people envious of other people, arrogant and proud because they think they are more important than others.

The strong desire for power and success makes narcissistic sociopaths retreat into a world of fantasy if it seems slow or unachievable. The fantasies they think seems possible to them and if they don't come true, they turn their bitterness and frustration to family and friends.

  • Charismatic and charming

Just like sociopaths, they are charming and shows signs of being charismatic and pleasant. They use this trait to attract and make friends for their benefit. If they manage to lure you into being their friend they feel good and begin showing their true colors but at such a time, you can't escape them.

  • Full of grandiosity

They try to be highly impressive and magnificent either in their appearance or style making them unrealistic and dishonest. They lie to have their own way and exaggerate the little truth that suits them. Narcissistic sociopaths are smart and know how to select people who can make them feel great and powerful.

  • Selfish conversations

Narcissistic sociopaths are selfish in their conversations and mostly talk about themselves without caring for other people. They love people who praise them and can do anything to lure you into praising them.

  • Heartless and Hostile

They are hostile and interpret behavior by other people as aggressive making them take undue revenge. Some narcissist sociopaths are violent and full of aggressiveness; some of them will bring you down verbally. A Narcissistic sociopath will have a hard time in making strong emotional bonds, this makes their relationships unstable and full of chaos. They are not able to make connections with their friends but are likely to exploit them for personal benefits.

  • Risky behavior

The need for instant enjoyment, pleasure, and praise, makes a narcissistic sociopath prone to risky behavior. Little or no concern of the welfare of others and themselves makes them engage in behaviors such as unsafe sex, drug abuse, and criminal activities.

In modern society, we meet people of different characters, the best way of living with them is to understand them, to be able to cope with them. Now that you know what is a sociopath and you come into contact with people who express such traits as discussed, you must be careful. If you don't take care you might fall into their trap and end up suffering and regret getting close to them. To learn more about the disorders click here.