Different Signs That Show Someone Loves You?

Signs That Shows Your Partner Genuinely Loves You

Many times, if your friend or partner doesn't say "I love you”, you might find it difficult to know if he/she actually loves you. To give you a clear picture, here are some ways how to know if someone loves you or different ways for you to know how to test if your girlfriend loves you?

There are many ways of expressing love in relationships, let us discuss some of those signs indicating if he or she loves you.

1. Makes an effort to spend time with you

When someone truly loves and cares for you, he or she will make an effort to spend time with you often, even if it is just for a while. You will notice that each time you spend a little time with that person, you both end up having good chemistry together, because compared to other people you will feel much safer and free around him or her, making you want to always spend more time with that person. Also, when you spend time with the right person, you easily tend to connect with him or her even if you don't engage in a lot of conversations.

2. Look at you a lot

According to Zick Rubin, a psychologist at Harvard, there is a connection between eye contact and love. According to his study, couples tend to look deeply into each other's eyes while conversing about 75% of the time compared to normal people who only look at each other about 30% of the time they are together. When someone is deeply in love with you, he or she will always maintain eye contact with you or look at you most of the time.

3. Show empathy - in good times and bad times

When you discover that someone is not only sympathetic with you but also empathetic, especially when you are going through hard times in your life, it can mean that he or she loves you. Such people will always be there to share both your joy and pain, proving that they have strong feelings towards you.

4. Consider you when making decisions

There are many different ways how to tell if a man loves you. This is definitely one of them. If a man loves you, he will consider you always when he makes any decision concerning his life. A large percentage of men tend to keep to themselves especially what's going on with their lives compared to women, but if a man loves you, he will definitely involve you in whatever happens in his life. If a man takes a bold move and involves you in any decision he makes, especially the difficult ones, then you should take that seriously.

5. Asks about your day

A person who is deeply in love with you will always think of you each passing day. Even if you are apart, he or she will take that step to always check up on you whether through a phone call or just a simple text to check up on how your day is going. Such a person will always maintain contact between both of you and communicate with you very often.

6. They will always stick around

Someone who loves and cherishes you will always find a way to stick around. Even if you find yourselves in a misunderstanding, he or she will find a way to solve it no matter the situation or how tough things get. Such people find it difficult to break up with you because they deeply love you.

7. Remember one of the little things

Remembering every little thing is the best sign one should look for in a partner. This sign can be used on how to test if your girlfriend loves you? If your girlfriend loves you, she will pay attention to the smallest details you tell them, such as your birth date, your favorite meal, or your best movie just to mention a few.

8. Introduce you to the most important people around them

When a person loves you, he or she will take the bold step of introducing you to one of the most important people in their lives, especially their families. This is a sign of them getting emotionally attached to you. He or she will also make the effort of introducing you to the world, especially their friends, making you feel special. He or she will also want to make it known to the whole world that he loves you especially when he takes photos of the both of you and post them on social media or another public way, he would also be bold enough to hold your hand while walking in the street.

9. They will prioritize you

If someone really loves you, he or she will always prioritize you. If he or she gets caught up in an engagement and you were supposed to meet, they will definitely drop what they are doing just to come and see you.

10. They are secure in your relationship

If someone loves you, he or she will not likely get insecure especially when they call and you don't pick up. When someone is unthreatened in a relationship, then you will definitely feel comfortable and secure in such a relationship.

To Conclude

Above is a discussion on the different signs that will show you that a person truly loves you without actually saying "I Love You”. Some people will show you through subtle actions and some through different feelings. You should be wise enough to sense the sentiments and dedication towards you.