Curious: Why Your Partner Wants to Pleasure You

Have you ever thought why does a man want to please a woman? Is it just for the pleasure of the women? Or for his own pleasure? This is a very important debate. Your boyfriend or husband must have said to you once during the sex that I want to pleasure you. Let us inform you why he wants to please you.

Reasons Why Men Want to Pleasure Women

One thing is sure that men themselves have orgasms, but most of the time they are reluctant to give an orgasm to the women, however, they tend to behave as if all they want is the pleasure of their partner. Let us discuss why men want to please their women.

1. What is in pleasing women?

Men please women for sure but have you ever thought "why does he want to pleasure me”? They may say that I do that for your pleasure but actually the reason is more likely to prove their own masculinity. Men are very serious in proving themselves through the orgasm of their partners. Men will feel much higher feelings of masculinity after giving an orgasm to the women, on the other hand, if men don't give an orgasm to the women they think themselves really bad at sex.

Some cultural ideas also play their part in it, men are mostly pushed to feel that they have to attain certain levels of achievement or performance in their life and one of them is in sex.

Another reason is that men love the moaning of the women, considering it as a compliment for their sexual ability. But there is something which they love more, that is the genuine orgasm of the women. If there is an orgasm, what else can men wish from women?

2. Sex is a mutual process

According to recent research, sexual activity is not proof of one's masculinity or personal performance but it is more like a shared experience between the two partners. The orgasm should be given to the women when they want it, and it should not be seen as a sign of the power of the man or any other such claim. There are cultural pressures on the man but they should not be worried about it and should only think about the pleasure of their partner opposed to the pressure of their society. It is quite sure that both men and women are responsible for each other's pleasure in bed. It should not be taken as a contest which must decide a winner, this is more like a combined effort. If it is seen as a combined effort it will give more pleasure and reward to both men and women.

Six Tips for You to Pleasure Your Partner

Male and females should try to help each other and make sure that they both are getting pleasure from sex, only then they can have good sex. One may say to his/her partner that I want to please you but they need to learn some tips on how to please their partner. Let us discuss some tips.

1. Educate yourself

No one is born a great lover but they can surely become one. If you want to be good in bed you need to learn some things and need some practice as well. You need to educate yourself about pregnancy prevention, sexual health, STI, communication and sexual techniques during sex.

2. Communicate

One of the pillars of great sex is honest communication. You need to clearly tell your partner about your desires and ask for her desires as well. It is also very important to give feedback to your partner during sex. You can also talk about the problems in your sex life with your partner to resolve them. Talking about sex is very hard for some people but this is very important and with the time you will get used to it.

3. Read her body language

It is important to read her body language. In case you are having problems reading her body language, there is no issue in asking her how she feels about it.

4. Position

The sex position is very important. Make sure you two are comfortable in the position you are in if not there is no issue in changing it but it should be with the consensus of both parties. If one of you is not comfortable you are not going to enjoy sex.

5. Care about her pleasure

There are a lot of people out there who only care about their own pleasure, make sure you keep in mind the pleasure of your partner as well. You must invest energy in pleasing him/her during sex. It always feels good to make the other person feel good. Concentrate on his/her body and tell him/her how you feel about his/her moaning.

6. Don't pressure her for pleasure

It is important to please her but doesn't put pressure on her to orgasm. It is good to make her orgasm but does not act like she needs to orgasm for sure, or you will not be satisfied. An orgasm is often impossible when you are expecting so much from her.