10 Top Tips for Buying a New Car

Owning your very own car is a great privilege that not everyone is able to enjoy. To a lot of people, a car is freedom. Owning a car means that you are free to travel as far, and to wherever you desire. One of the best things about having a car, some people might feel, is the privacy it gives you. You can listen to your own music and sing along as loudly and badly as you like or you can talk to yourself and not worry about looking crazy.

However, buying a car is not a simple task! Cars can be wonderfully pleasant, but if you make a bad purchase, they can also be dangerous or become a black hole for your money.

We have put together a list of 10 tips for the best way to buy a car that will save your time and your money!

Top Ten Tips for Buying the Best Cars

Whether you are buying your very first car or you want to upgrade to a newer car, there is a lot of information you must first consider like; 'What is my budget?' 'What are my requirements?' and 'What are my favorite kinds of cars?'

You will also need to decide what's most important to you. Is it the way the car looks or having a strong and reliable car?

1. Do a research

A good piece of advice is; spend plenty of time searching for what is available in your area and as far as you are willing to travel to buy your car. Choose a few cars that you are interested in and then narrow your choices to your favorite car. This process will also provide you with more knowledge about what the car market is currently like and should give you a little more confidence in deciding what is right for you.

2. Calculate your budget

Once you have completed your search, you will know a little more about the best way to buy a car in your location and have a good idea of how much your chosen cars will cost. You can now set an informed and realistic budget. Your budget will decide what you can afford to do. Can you buy a car outright or lease it and make monthly payments? Will your budget allow you to buy a brand new car or a used car? Whichever the case; set your budget and stick to it!

3. Find sales

Now you have your budget and an idea of the cars that you are interested in. At this point, a great tip will be; check for sales! It's always worth asking retailers if they are offering any sale prices or discounts in advance.


If you currently own a car but are ready to change it for a different car, rather than trying to sell it elsewhere, consider trading it in the retailer that is selling the car you wish to buy. Most car dealerships do Part-Exchanges, this is offering your old car as part payment towards your new car. This is a great way of securing a reduced price for the car you want. However, we would recommend that you only offer your current car as a trade-in once you have agreed on the price for the new car as some car salesmen use part-exchanges as a way of reducing the value of your old car or increasing the cost of the new car in a way that won't be immediately obvious to you!

5. Have a test drive

With your narrowed-down list (hopefully including your discounted finds) you should always arrange to take the cars for a test drive. Not only is this one of the best ways to buy a car - it is one of the most enjoyable parts. This will allow you to experience how it will feel to drive that car. You will notice if the steering is heavy or light if the car is sensitive and responds well to the acceleration and brake pedals. Also, check the controls in the cars; the head-lights switches, the window controls, windscreen wipers, the air conditioning controls, etc. There will be many other things that you will notice and you will have to decide whether you like them or not.

6. Check warranty

After your test drive, be sure to ask the dealer about the vehicles paperwork. It will be a good advantage if the car has a warranty, the longer the duration the better. Keep in mind that a longer warranty usually means that the car is in good condition. If the dealer is only offering a short warranty, (three to nine months) this may be an indication of a fault with the car that may not be apparent now but will become evident after you have driven it a few miles.

7. Check insurance

As with the warranty of a car you are considering to buy, be sure to ask about its insurance. If the car is not insured at the time of your purchase, ask your dealer why not. Also, ask the dealer if they think ensuring it will be expensive or not. This could give you more clues as to whether there are any issues with the vehicle. Car insurance is a legal requirement and it is against the law to drive without it, therefore it is very important that you make sure that the insurance rate for the particular car is affordable for you at the time and when it is time to renew.

8. Do not by an extended warranty

The best car deals do not include an extended warranty. A car in good condition will already come with a fair warranty. Extended warranties generally do not cover the mechanical faults that invariably occur from normal wear and tear. Therefore it will be an additional cost that you may not benefit from and may even have to pay again once you are informed that your warranty does not cover the maintenance required.

9. Do not impulse buy

To ensure the cheapest way to buy a car, make sure that the decision to buy is yours and not as a result of pressure from the car dealer or too much excitement on your part. Take the time to consider all the tips listed above so that you do not end up driving off with a car that has some hidden faults or costs more in total than you can comfortably afford.

10. Do not buy add-ons

Keep in mind that car retailers are also trying to make the best deals for themselves, so to make sure you are buying your car in the cheapest way possible - do not pay for any additional products or services. Buying a car can be confusing but do not be tricked into paying more than you need for your new car. Make it clear what you want and be firm in explaining that you are not interested in purchasing anything else.

After Words

Although buying a new car is a major purchase and could potentially become stressful, you should try to enjoy the experience! Follow the 10 tips we have set out above to ensure that you make a good purchase. Then you are free to enjoy singing as loudly as you like in the confidence that you have bought the best car for you.