What to Do When You Feel Tired of a Relationship

It is natural to fall out of love and feel tired of relationship from time to time. Though you may have many problems with your partner, it might be hard to pinpoint the exact issue that is making you lose the love that once overcame you. Let us explore more about it.

Signs That You Are Tired of a Relationship

Every relationship does require work. All the effort put into it should yield a relationship that is filled with joy. If you find that despite all the efforts, your relationship is still filled with more struggles than pleasures, then you may want to watch out for some of these signs that could mean that you are falling out of love with this person.

1. You think dating sounds awful

Some people get back to dating immediately after a breakup, while others avoid getting back onto the dating scene for a long time. However, if you are tired of relationship, you might have a strong negative reaction towards going out on a date for a long time.

2. Your emotional energy gets depleted

Breakups come with some form of exhaustion. However, some lack of emotional energy may indicate that your emotional reserves are used up. When you have reached such a point, you find it hard to react to anything, even small positive things like jokes and laughter.

3. You feel cynical about love in general

After experiencing a relationship burnout, you get a new perspective about love. You imagine that even if you were to be engaged in another relationship, it would never work out. You view love as a lie and no longer believe in its existence.

4. You are not looking forward to spending time together

As much as you may be busy or having work commitments, partners always designate some time to be together. However, if you find yourself putting minimum effort to be with your partner or if the thought of having alone time with your partner is no longer appealing to you, then this is a clear sign that you are tired of your partner.

5. You choose silence over a disagreement with your partner

When you find that you no longer speak up when a conflict ensues, it might be an indication that you are falling out of love, you prefer to remain silent other than engaging yourself in arguments or resolving problems as other couples do. This withdrawal is an indication that you have reached a dead end and you feel your relationship is no longer worth fighting for.

What to Do When You're Tired of Your Partner

It is normal to have that 'am sick of my husband' feeling. Try the following tips to revive dying love.

1. Talk it out with him or her

Communication is vital in any relationship. Relationships tend to fade because of things left unsaid. Both of you need to agree that the relationship is on the rocks, then decide whether to let it go or to rekindle it. If you decide to revive the relationship, then you have to decide on ways of reigniting the spark. You may choose to take some time off the relationship, thus making the reunion special.

2. Try something different

Everyday routines lead to boredom because human beings are created to always yearn for variety. Break your routine by trying out new undertakings together, which will create a unique experience and probably help you learn new stuff about yourself or your partner. Change the environment by going for a vacation.

3. Spice up your intimacy

Any intimate relationship should have a healthy sex life. Over time the sexy spark seems to start fizzling out. Physical affections strengthen the bond between the couple by reestablishing the connection with each other. Start with small acts of love like holding hands, hugging and kissing. Start paying attention to your physical appearance. Think about the things you've stopped doing as well as the ones you could start doing, to reignite the loving feelings in your partner. Accept it when your partner expresses love towards you.

4. Use healthy ways to vent

Feeling angry when in a relationship is okay, but you should express anger in a healthy way. Venting as a way of expressing negative feelings can be useful if done correctly. Talking out your frustrations can be healing. You can choose to vent to a friend, write down your feelings on a paper, or scream into your pillow. If you decide to vent to your partner, do it healthily and respectfully without hurting your relationship. At the end of it all, come up with a consensus on the best way to address your concerns.

5. Treat your partner with kindness

One of the hardest things to do when tired of relationship is being nice to your partner. As the saying goes, kindness begets kindness. Being kind does not mean that you should not express your anger, but instead, you choose to express your anger to your partner in a considerate way. Take time to assess your feelings and to filter what is on your mind before presenting it to your partner. Kindly approaching your partner a will avoid hurting them and will pave the way for them to listen to you and address your needs. Bear in mind that your partner is also human and is also going through hardships of life.

6. Reflect on what attracted you to each other

If at some point you were indeed in love with your partner, then it is possible to reignite those feelings. When tired of husband, think about what drew you to him, what kept the spark alive over the months or years of shared affection and intimacy. You can then identify the real reasons why things took a turn for the worse and you can try to make a change. By doing this, you shall bring back those initial feelings and create a lasting impact. Focus on the things that once made your relationship fulfilling and put effort continuing to fulfill them.

Does This Relationship Still Have a Chance?

It is easy to forget how much effort you have put into building your relationship. If you carefully look at the current situation, it may not be as hopeless as it appears. It may be that nothing is wrong, but instead, you are just facing a speed bump which is normal. Life is short too short to settle for a tiring relationship. Take account of what you share and address what needs to be dealt with to make the relationship work.