How You Can Sell Your Old Mobile Phone for Extra Cash

Got a new phone? Congratulations! But don't forget about your old mobile phone just yet. Unless it's completely broken or water-damaged, you probably can still get some extra money by selling it.

"Sell my phone? But the process is too complicated and not worth the time!” If that's what you're thinking, you're completely wrong. Selling your mobile phone, especially online isn't hard to do. In fact, it's a quick and easy way to earn some extra money. Depending on your old phone's model and condition, you can get a fair amount of money from it.

What to Do Before Selling Your Phone

"Okay, so I can just sell my mobile phone, right?” Actually no, you need to prep your phone to make it suitable for sale before putting it on the market. Don't worry, this process doesn't take too long. Here's what you need to do:

Back-up your memory

Most people use their phones to store important files. So, you definitely must back-up your data first. You can either transfer the files to your new phone or a PC. Just make sure to back up everything so you don't lose any important data.

Clean your phone

"But my phone is so old and dirty. Would anyone buy my mobile phone?” Well, that's why you need to clean your phone before listing it on the market. No one would want to buy an old, dirty mobile phone. Wipe the screen and the back with some rubbing alcohol solution. Also, don't forget to remove any lint or dirt stuck on the speaker or the charging port. A sparkling clean mobile will look more attractive to buyers.

Take Photos

Take pictures of the phone you're selling. That way, you can put the photos up on the listing and attract buyers. Make sure to use natural lighting to get the best photos. You should also put the phone on a contrasting background so potential buyers can inspect your phone properly. Remember that the pictures should show the details of your phone clearly.

Wipe all of your personal data

Hopefully, you've already done the first step on this list because now you have to wipe everything off. You must delete all of your personal data to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands. To make sure your phone is completely clear from your personal data, do a factory reset and a thorough data wipe.

Value your phone

"Okay, so now I can sell my phone, right?” Not yet! Don't just put a random price on your phone. If you do so, you might overvalue or undervalue it. Overvaluing your phone will put off buyers and undervaluing your phone will make you lose out the opportunity to gain extra cash. Prices can vary depending on the model, condition, and even carrier. You'll need to look around the internet and estimate its value.

Where You Can Sell Your Mobile Phone

You can sell your old phone on many different vendors, both offline and online. Some vendors also have their own regulations. Most accept secondhand phones that are in mint condition but some may be more reluctant to accept and sell damaged phones in their store. So, make sure to check the terms and conditions of each vendor before listing your phone.

Each vendor has its own audience, so you'll have different potential buyers. They also have different payment methods and different price ranges as well. You want to make sure that you're selling your phone on the best vendor possible to get as much money as you can. Here are some of the best vendors you can choose from.


Gazelle is one of the biggest players in this industry. It's one of the first legitimate websites which cater to the reselling of secondhand phones. Gazelle may not offer the most cash, but they do accept phones in almost every condition. They have four different tiers of quality to categorize phone conditions. Once you describe your phone's condition on the website, they can either send a box to you to ship your phone in or you can ship the phone with your own box free of charge.


Selling used phones at uSell is simple and easy. When you list your phone on the website, uSell gives you offers from potential phone buyers in their network. Once your phone is sold, you'll get paid via check or PayPal. You can get a good amount of cash from uSell, but not that phones that are cracked, bent, or missing parts may get a lower price quote on the website.

eBay Instant Sale

Similar to Gazelle, eBay Instant Sale program also has four different tiers of quality to categorize your device's condition. This system is different than eBay's usual auction system. You can simply mail your device and eBay will do the selling process for you. You can sell off your phone without the hassle of dealing with the regular auction system, but you'll usually get a little less money through this program. Don't worry, though. eBay will still offer a fair quote for your device.

Amazon Electronics Trade-Ins

Amazon now accepts secondhand phones for trade-ins. You can simply go to their website, describe your phone's condition, and you'll get a quote for your device. After that, they can mail you a box to send your device in and then, you'll be paid with an Amazon gift card. You'll receive the gift card within 10 days of your item arriving. Amazon may not have the best payment method but it's certainly not a bad deal since you can use the gift card to buy other things from the site.

Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest electronic retailers in the world. They also accept used mobile phones through a trade-in program. You can either walk directly into a store to get the estimated value of your phone or visit their website to get a quote online. Then, you can send the device through mail to deliver it directly to a local Best Buy store.

Since this is a trade-in program, you won't get cold hard cash from Best Buy. Instead, they'll offer you a gift card or a check. The Best Buy gift card has been shown to provide you with better value, though.

In Conclusion

Selling your old mobile phone doesn't have to be an exhausting and time-consuming process. As long as you know what to do before listing it on the market, selling your phone is as easy as a walk in the park.

Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question of "How can I sell my phone to get some extra cash?”. Best of luck!